Become a Business Owner

How to buy a PROFITABLE business… with little or no money down.

Proven methods to find, analyze, buy and build small businesses. It’s not rocket science, it’s the class no one teaches. We’re Ryan and Codie, together we have started, bought and sold innumerable businesses. We’ve interviewed experts and business owners across industries ranging from HVAC, to E-commerce, to RE and beyond. We realized wealth is created through OWNERSHIP, but no one teaches this class, it’s reserved for those on Wall Street or insiders. Truth is, BUYING a profitable business is accessible to those willing to work at it AND easier than you think.
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5 Reasons to Buy a Business

What people are saying...

Unconventional Acquisitions' tips and strategies equipped us all to make this purchase powerfully and with confidence!

Andresa Guidelli, Co-Founder, The Real Estate InvestHER

Evaluating a business is no different than evaluating a Real Estate deal, which made me consider how to add a business to my portfolio. More than ever, due to the pandemic, the opportunity to purchase businesses is going to grow and Unconventional Acquisitions' tips and strategies equipped us all to make this purchase powerfully and with confidence!"

intrigued my interest in adding purchasing some businesses to my portfolio

by Ashley Wilson, Co-Founder of Bar Down Investments LLC

"As a real estate investor, there are a lot of similarities between how Codie buys businesses, and how I acquire real estate. Her presentation truly fascinated me, as not only was the knowledge transferable, but it also intrigued my interest in adding purchasing some businesses to my portfolio. I wish the presentation was at least another hour longer, as she was not only knowledgeable, but captivating as well!'

Buying a Business in a Very Approachable, Succinct and Engaging Way.

Liz Faircloth, Co-Founder, DeRosa Group & The Real Estate InvestHER

"Codie's presentation on buying a business in today's economic landscape was BY FAR one of the absolute best hours I have spent as a life-long learner. As an entrepreneur you get a lot of information and data thrown at you, but Codie was able to present a complex topic of buying a business in a very approachable, succinct and engaging way. I can't wait to attend her next presentation! Codie is amazing!!!"

Buying a Profitable Business Course Curriculum

What you will learn...

  • 1

    Unit 1 - Intro - Buying a Business

    • Intro - What Will You Learn

    • Why Buy a Business

    • Why Now is the Time to Buy a Business

    • Pros and Cons of Buying a Business

    • Building Your Team

    • Can I Really Buy a Business?

    • Getting Prepared to Buy a Business

    • Unconventional Acquisitions Personal P&L

    • Unconventional Acquisitions Business Buying Calendar for Excel

  • 2

    Unit 2 - What type of business?

    • Gaining Clarity

    • Gaining Clarity Worksheet

    • Characteristics of the Business

    • Goals and Objectives

    • Models - Services, Products, and Systems

    • Field Interview: Buying Franchises with Wayne Lucier

    • Field Interview with Lisa Song: Pack & Ships, RE Franchises, Cupcake Company

    • RESOURCE: Business Buying Checklist

    • Field Interview: Matt Aitchinson - Buying Laundromats, Add-On Companies & Believing in Yourself

    • 5 Worst Businesses To Buy

    • 5 Best Businesses to Buy

  • 3

    Unit 3 - Finding the Business

    • Targeting the Right Sellers

    • Don't Try to Do It All - Pick 2

    • Leverage Your Network

    • The FROG Method

    • Roleplay Soliciting Dealflow From Friends

    • Leverage Your Community

    • Roleplay Reaching Out to COI's

    • Build Your Personal Brand

    • Searching a Business Database

    • Roleplay Cold Calling A Business

    • Interview - Overcoming Rejection with Andrea Waltz Co-Author of Best-Seller Go for No

    • How Many Businesses Do I Need To Look At

    • RESOURCE: Network Email Outreach Scripts

    • RESOURCE: 1-Page Seller Email Outreach

    • RESOURCE: Business Broker List

  • 4

    Unit 4 - Selling Yourself

  • 5

    Unit 5 - How to Value a Business

    • Laundromat DD & Valuation Case Study

    • How We Value Companies: KISS METHOD

    • Financial Model Walk-thru

    • Common Methods to Value a Company

    • Value of Relationships: Valuing Customers

    • The 3 M Model for Adding Value

    • 5 Steps to Due Diligence Broken Down

    • RESOURCE - Due Diligence Checklist

  • 6

    Unit 6 - Negotiating the Deal

    • Two Warnings

    • Seller Needs Analysis - Know Your Audience

    • Levers: Negotiating Price vs Terms

    • What to Bring to The Negotiation Table: Two Paths

    • Determine Your Level of Competition

    • Buying A Closed Business: Timely Opportunity

    • RESOURCE - Term Sheet & LOI Template

    • RESOURCE - 8 Questions to Ask So You Don't Waste Time

    • Interview: Negotiation Tactics to Win-Win with Mark Yegge

  • 7

    Unit 7 - Financing the Deal

    • Financing Important Levers

    • Structuring Owner Finance

    • SBA Lending A Lender Interview

    • Alternative Lending Sources

    • Milestones & Earn-Outs

    • Cash Influx - Percentage of Equity

    • Investor & Operator Partnership

    • Sweat Equity, Revshare, Profit Sharing

    • Empire Flippers CEO: Buying An Online Business

    • Case Study: Seller Financing Structure

  • 8

    Unit 8 - Legal and Contracts

    • Partnership Agreements - Think about what's important and what to include *** Ryan

    • Financial Oversight & Access - Codie***

    • INTERVIEW - Business Structure ***BOTH Will Try

    • RESOURCE - Key Tenants Financial Oversight and Access - Codie***

  • 9

    Unit 9 - First 90 Days as a Business Owner

    • The First Employee Meeting

    • The First 30 Days

    • The First 6o Days

    • The First 90 Days

    • Company Culture

    • Hiring Your Operator

Mastermind Interview October 12, 2020 Learn to Fund Your Deal with SBA Loans

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Meet Your Instructors

This dynamic duo will keep the course interesting, plus lots of bonus interviews with successful business owners for even more value by adding industry appropriate knowledge.

Resident Bad-Ass

Codie Sanchez

Codie Sanchez is a Partner at Entourage Effect Capital, a growth equity firm in the legalized cannabis industry. Prior to EEC she lead First Trust's Latin America Investment business and held leadership positions at Goldman Sachs, State Street, and Vanguard. Sanchez is a pundit on investing, cannabis and startups, highlighted on CNBC, Fox, Today Show, Forbes, Fast Company, Entrepreneur, Business Wire, for her Contrarian Thinking series and weekly email followed by 100k+. She was listed as a 25 Most Innovative Leader in Cannabis, The Cannabis Disruptor by MG Retailer, and EEC was named a Top 10 PE Firm by Forbes/BI/Entrepreneur in the space. She has an M.B.A. from Georgetown University, a master’s from ESADE and Fundação Getúlio Vargas, and a B.A. from Arizona State University.

Sales Extraordinaire

Ryan Snow

Ryan Snow is the co-author of the Best-Selling Book, The Miracle Morning for Salespeople, with Hal Elrod. As an author, trainer, and coach, Ryan has coached and trained thousands of top salespeople across North America. Ryan currently operates a real estate investing and brokerage firm and is responsible for leading sales teams to well over $1 Billion in real estate sales. Ryan's career as a sales leader and recruiter started nearly twenty years ago running a nationally recognized, Top 10 branch office, for Vector Marketing and Cutco Cutlery. Ryan is a two-time Best-Selling author and has gone on to design several workbooks and sales trainings across multiple industries with a strong focus on service based industries and small business.

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